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Export Twitch Video Chat

With our Twitch exporting tool, gather all the chat messages in a few clicks and get them exported in one Excel file you can reach whenever needed. With our tool, you will export messages, authors’ profiles, dates, and the number of views.

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Export Twitch Video Chat
With our Twitch exporting tool, you can collect chat messages within a few moments and use the collected data to your benefit in order to study and analyze your audience and it’s interaction with your content.
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Learn how to export Twitch chat messages in a few simple clicks and get results within a few moments.
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With Twitch Chat Exporter, you can:
  • Export chat messages from Twitch streams, getting results in a convenient CSV file.
  • Learn and analyze your audience’s discussions and questions they have.
  • Use the collected data to create a strategy that will help you improve your content.

Working with Pavuk AI, you can download an Excel file to your computer and reach it even offline when needed.

People Also Ask

To get chat messages from a Twitch stream, you only need to provide our tool with the link to the needed stream, specify your email, and download the Excel file from your inbox.

You are not limited to a particular number of records you can export in one run. The number of exported records should not contradict your subscription limitations.

Exporting Twitch chat messages with the help of Pavuk AI, you will get an Excel file with the following information gathered: the message texts, authors’ names, and links to the authors’ profiles.