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Export Reddit Thread Comments

Extract all Reddit comments from a link

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Export Reddit Thread Comments
With the Export Reddit Thread service, you can extract and download Reddit discussions. download file includes posts and comments with author name, profile, publication date, thread link, etc.
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This section guides you through a series of steps, each with a specific objective, to automate the analysis and extraction of valuable insights from user discussion.
SemanticForce Create a Reddit Thread workflow
Create a Reddit Thread workflow
SemanticForce Collect data
Collect data
SemanticForce Download comments in Excel file
Download comments in Excel file
With Reddit Thread Comment Exporter, you can:
  • Export comments from Reddit, delivering results in a convenient CSV file.
  • Continuously update your comment database, whether it's user feedback or discussions, with our automated process.
  • Create a streamlined Reddit automation strategy, from data extraction to message sending and more.

All of this operates seamlessly in the cloud, freeing you from the need to keep your browser open or computer active. Get your Reddit comment insights on autopilot.

People Also Ask

Log in on our website, choose the Yelp app, paste the link to the business, and download the file.

No permission is needed because we collect open-access information. Only if you want to publish the exported reviews on your website, for example, you will need authors’ agreements.

With the help of our tool, you can export any type of review within the service.

Pavuk AI exports public Reddit threads and comments. We do not export reviews from Reddit's chat feature or private messages due to privacy considerations.

The only limitation is the number of reviews you can export, depending on your chosen plan. We offer three types of paid plans: starter, professional, and premium. With these plans, you can export from 10,000 to 250,000 reviews.