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Export Google Play Reviews

Streamline Google Play reviews export for app developers, marketers, and business owners. Effortless, efficient data analysis and insights.

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Export Google Play Reviews
Simplify your workflow with our Google Play Reviews Exporter. Tailored for app developers and business owners, it efficiently extracts and analyzes insights, saving you valuable time and effort.
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Optimize Google Play reviews: Personalize your journey, automate analysis, and effortlessly collect insights. Export in CSV, Excel, or JSON for comprehensive reporting.
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With Google Play Reviews exporter, you can:
  • Google Play reviews provide firsthand experiences, guiding potential users to make well-informed decisions. Our automatic export ensures you never miss a review.
  • Leverage both positive and negative reviews to enhance your app, improving user satisfaction and retention. Stay on top of feedback with continuous and real-time updates.
  • Positive reviews can positively impact your app's search engine ranking, ensuring it's easily discoverable online.
  • Retreive data via robust REST API.
  • Send data to Zapier or

All of this operates seamlessly in the cloud, freeing you from the need to keep your browser open or computer active. Get your Google Play Reviews insights on autopilot.

People Also Ask

Log in on our website, choose the Google Play app, paste the link to the application, and download the file.

With the help of our tool, you can export reviews from any number of apps unless the number of exported reviews does not exceed the limitations of your plan.

Pavuk AI exports original reviews only. Our app supports all languages worldwide. If you need translation, you can use any translation tool available in your country.

The only limitation we provide is the number of exported reviews available in your plan. You can export as many reviews as needed unless the number of exported records is within the plan limits, and you can export the needed information as frequently as needed.

We do not require you to share any personal data, like login information to your personal Google Play account. To use our tool, you simply have to sign up with your email, choose the plan that suits your demands, and that’s it!

Yes. Pavuk allows to export reviews (with star ratings) as well as developer's replies. You can also export reviews only in case if replies are not necessary.

Yes. You can define the depth of indexing (e.g. last month, 12 months, 3 years, etc.).

Yes. You can define the max. volume of Google Play reviews (e.g. last 700 reviews) to be downloaded in the Pavuk AI app.