About us



Despite exponential growth of data volumes, generative AI, crawling technologies still there are over 1B of websites without API.

Our goal is to create the largest, fastests and reliable set of ready-to-use scrapers (AKA pavuks) allowing you to convert any website to structured form.

Users can leverage Pavuk to structure data from any website, export it to Excel / JSON or retrieve via API, or automatically sift it to no-code platforms like Zapier, Make, Onlizer and others. Pavuk also allows to detect changes on product pages, pricing pages and many more.

Pavuk for Startups

Need data for your startup, academic research or charity? Contact us via hello@pavuk.ai we would be happy to assist offer discounts as part of our Pavuk AI for Startups program.

Why Pavuk?

Pavuk - pronounced as [paˈvuk] means spider in Ukrainian and some other languages. What better creature to represent technology allowing to crawl and structure the web at a scale?