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Export YouTube Channel Videos

Scrape all YouTube Videos from the page with search results.

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Export YouTube Channel Videos
With the YouTube Videos Description Export service, you can prepare valuable insights to enhance your videos and audience interaction.
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This section guides you through a series of steps, each with a specific objective, to automate the analysis and extraction of valuable insights from user feedback.
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With YouTube Videos Exporter, you can:
  • Export YouTube video descriptions, delivering results in a convenient CSV file.
  • Continuously update your video database with our automated process.
  • Create a streamlined YouTube automation strategy, from data extraction to message sending and more.

All of this operates seamlessly in the cloud, freeing you from the need to keep your browser open or your computer active. Get your YouTube video insights on autopilot.

People Also Ask

With our tool, you can export comments in a few simple steps. Log in on our website, choose the YouTube app, paste the link to the video, and download the file.

Using Pavuk AI, except for comments, you get the comment publication date, the number of likes, comment authors’ names, and links to their profiles. This data is available via Excel or an API.

It depends on the number of comments under the video. On average, it will take you about a minute to export 1,000 comments with likes, authors’ names, and other relevant meta-data.

YouTube is a social network that stores information publicly, and it is absolutely legal to export comments from any type of content shared via this network for various purposes like analysis, research, or personal use. Puvuk AI complies with YouTube's policies and doesn't violate any copyright or data protection laws. You can export comments manually by copy-pasting, but those who value their time and effort choose our tool to do the job.

Today, you can export comments from one video at a time. If you want to export data from several videos, you need to use our YouTube app multiple times. Currently, we're working on the bulk YouTube comments exporter app, which should be available in spring 2024. Note that now, our YouTube Channel exporter is available to export comments from all videos on a particular channel.

We are currently working on an important Pavuk update, making it even more valuable for its users. Soon, we will introduce a new version of Pavuk AI, where you will be able to get assistance analyzing the collected data, filtering the exported comments by sentiment, and other additional features. Stay tuned.