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Export YouTube Shorts Comments

Export comments from YouTube Channel shorts and get an Excel file with comments, authors’ profiles, dates, number of likes, etc. No extra skills are needed; we will do everything for you.

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Export YouTube Shorts Comments
With our YouTube channel exporting tool, you can easily get all the comments from channels posted under YouTube Live in a matter of a few moments. With the received information, you can study and analyze how the audience has perceived the content.
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If you want to gather all the comments from the YouTube channel live, follow these simple steps, and our exporting tool will do this for you.
SemanticForce Paste a YouTube channel link
Paste a YouTube channel link
SemanticForce Pavuk will collect data for you
Pavuk will collect data for you
SemanticForce Download comments in an Excel file
Download comments in an Excel file
SemanticForce Send file to e-mail
Send file to e-mail
With our YouTube Channel Exporter, you can:
  • Export comments from all your YouTube live and get results in a convenient CSV file.
  • Collect users’ feedback or discussions and analyze them.
  • Create a strategy that will help you improve your content, which will be of more use to your audience.

With our YouTube channel exporter, you get an offline document, which you can reach whenever the need arises.

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All you need is to provide a link to a YouTube channel as well as provide us with your email address, and our tool will do the rest for you.

Of course! Register on our website, and you will get an opportunity to export up to 1000 comments in three takes.

With our YouTube channel exporter, you will receive an Excel file with comments posted under the video, date, author’s name, link to the author’s profile, and number of likes.